Breathtakingly beautiful

Upscale Exclusive Arab-Latina model, educated, sophisticated and charming.

I want to feel our deep connection, so let your thoughts go. Leave your aching body and touch me with your soul. Come here and take off your clothes and with them every single worry you have ever carried. My fingerprints on your back will be the very last thing you will feel before sleeping and the sound of my smile will be the alarm clock to your morning ears. Come here and take off your clothes and with them the weight of every yesterday that snuck atop your shoulders and declare them home. My whispers will be the soundtrack to your secret dreams and my hand the anchor to the life you will open your eyes to.

الحب سماء لا تمطر غير الاحلام …

– عبدالعزيز جويدة

Love is a sky that rains nothing but dreams .. 


London, King’s Cross WC1H , 18.07-26.07 pre-books are essential to avoid disappointment.

Dubai Summer 2019 to be confirmed

Paris Summer 2019 to be confirmed